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Brine & Pickle Pumping Unit

Model: SS-316-3-TX4

Condition: New

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  • General Features
  • Basic Features
  • Technical Specifications

• Stainless Steel Pump

• Stainless Steel Mounting base

• Stainless Steel Pump mount

• All Stainless Steel mounting Hardware

• Stainless steel casing for pressure gauge

• Nylon reinforced clear plastic hose with nylon fittings

• Pressure regulator all stainless steel

• 4 stainless steel hand valves and needles

• All pipe fittings are stainless steel

• Stainless steel filter with fine wire mesh insert

    • Stainless Steel Pump

    • Continuous Duty Motor

    • Stainless Steel Sanitary Intake Filter

    • Four Stainless Steel Hand Valves

    • Constant pressure for four operators

    • Capacity: Up to 10 Gallons per minute - Pressure to 60 to 100 pounds p.s.i.

    • Four Stainless Steel Needles

    • Exclusive "DIAPHRAGM" Stirring Valve

    • Pressure adjustment by Finger Tip Control

    • Equipped with four operator stations can be ordered with as many as eight

    • Pressures of up to 75 p.s.i flow rate as much as 21 gpm.

    • Motor is 3 h.p. totally enclosed 3 phase 230/460V.

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