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Who We Are

MeatFes is the abbreviation of Meat & Food Equipment Source. This name was adopted by the company in the year 2017.

MeatFes is dedicated to the sale of equipment and parts for the processing, storage and packing of meats, foods, fruits, vegetables, and all equipment related to this industry.

Our extensive inventory includes new and used equipment.

MeatFes sells equipment and parts to any part of the world.

Our History


MeatFes was established in 1996 under the name of Pan American Food & Meat Equipment, by its founder and current President Michael Hernandez.

Since 1996, has been selling quality New and Used Meat and Food Equipment, throughout the Unites States, Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

2017 -

Thanks to its growth, and for marketing reasons, the company changed its name in 2017, adopting the name MeatFes, which has been received by its customers with great pleasure.

Today, MeatFes has a great portfolio of clients that have led it to consider it as one of the best companies in the market in the United States.

New & used

MeatFes is know to have an eye for locating hard to find, Clean Used Equipment at excellent prices. Some of MeatFes' Customers include some of the most respected Meat & Food Equipment dealers in the industry, as well as many Food & Meat processors and Grocery Stores.

MeatFes is a small company with a low over-head and a long list of many sources to find the right equipment that your company needs, in the following Categories:

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